3 Big Reasons Why You Don't Exercise

Are you busy? 


Lack motivation?

Just can't find the energy to fit anything else into your already hectic schedule?

I get it.

I raise my hand in solidarity, with you.

These are just a few of the reasons why many of us fall into bad habits.

This is why many of us skip the gym in exchange for temporary comfort.

But if you asked someone who regularly attends a yoga class or runs often, they too have moments of busyness and fatigue.

The clients I train are no less busy than most working adults.

In case you missed it, last week we shared that attending the gym doesn't require any prerequisites. 

You may come as you are to our judgement-free zone.

In this post, I will explain why many of us decide not to step foot in the gym. 

Or worse, we join a gym, attend a class or two, only to never show our faces again.

Let me explain this:

You're not wrong to feel tired, unmotivated, or even intimidated.

In fact, it's OK.

It happens to us all, whether we want to admit it or not.

What's not OK however, is allowing your state of emotion or circumstance to become the reason for not embracing  a positive lifestyle change.

The New Year is upon us and once again, many will declare a future of change. 

"I'm going to exercise more this year."

"I'm losing 100 pounds."

"2019 is my year to go vegan."

We love making these big statements but fail to understand why we're so inconsistent.

Here are three big reasons we don't commit to exercising and a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Your WHY isn't big enough. Or you haven't taken the time to even think about your WHY and add emotional conviction to it. Sadly, sometimes it takes a crisis level health scare for many to become serious about their lifestyles. It shouldn't take a heart attack or stroke to change your eating. Think about your spouse and children. Think about everyone who'd benefit from you taking better care of yourself. You can do this!

  2. You haven't made exercise a priority. You're busy, I get it. But you must put your health at the top of your to-do list. This is the only body you get. Schedule fitness classes ahead of time. Meal prep. This will make it easier for you when things begin to pile up. Believe me.

  3. You don't have any accountability. You're simply not around enough people who are going in the direction you want to go in. Because, if you were, those people wouldn't allow you to fall behind. Or, at the least, you'd be embarrassed for not giving your all when it comes to your health. This is why I'm a BIG advocate for group classes. Join us at anytime.

If you've had trouble with any of these, we're here to help.

In the end, the decision to make healthy choices is up to YOU.

But Lyfestyle 180 has made it a little easier for you in this New Year.

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Brandi Simmons