3 Outdoor Workouts Perfect for Springtime


With the beautiful weather this Spring season, it's natural to want to spend time outdoors.

The sun is beaming and your skin is getting that much needed glow it needs.

By all means, get your recommended daily dose of vitamin D.

And for my busy ladies, who have trouble getting to the gym, consider doing an outside workout.

But, let me say this...

You don't have to be busy to enjoy the benefits of an outdoor exercising.

In fact, getting outdoors is one of the best ways to add some variety to your workout routine.

I even incorporate it in our classes occasionally.

While it's great to be at the gym, with the abundance of equipment and amenities , we could all benefit from some time outdoors.

Here are three outdoor workouts you can do to your liven up your fitness routine:


If you live near a track or stadium, you hit the fitness lottery. Doing sprints around the track or running the stairs is a great workout that will build your endurance and strengthen your heart. Your body will thank you for adding this to your routine.


Calisthenics is simply bodyweight exercises. If you live near a park with playground equipment, try doing pull-ups and other upper body exercises, balancing your bodyweight. Now, it might feel difficult at first. But with consistency, over time, you will start seeing major results in your strength. 

Circuit Training

Now, this third one could also be done inside of a gym, depending on what exercises you're doing. But in this instance, we're referring to an circuit similar to a bootcamp. The circuit could consist of squat variations, lunges, or just about any exercise you can do outdoors.

This type of exercising is great because it's a full body workout and you experience community, as well.

If you've ever seen a group of women doing tire flipping, burpees, or bear crawls across a grassy field, then you're not far from us.

Our ladies train hard!

We're curious to know: What's your favorite outdoor workout?

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Until then, enjoy this Spring weather.

Brandi Simmons