A Self-Care Checklist for Busy Moms

Photo by  Joshua Jordan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Joshua Jordan on Unsplash

Do you have a long to-do list of things that you can’t seem to complete?

Have you ever intended to be productive and wondered where the time went?

It can be challenging to do it all

Especially with kids.

Don’t get me wrong. I love being a mom.

But sometimes I feel guilty about neglecting certain chores.

And many times, I don’t make time for myself.

As mother’s, we can become protective of everything accept our ‘me time.”

Not only is that not right but it puts a strain on your schedule even more.

You’re tired, more irritated, and less of yourself when you don’t make yourself a priority.

This Mother’s Day, I’m giving you permission to incorporate some self-care into your routine.

Mama needs love.

And sometimes love can be spelled R-E-S-T.

Here’s a self-care checklist of things you can do to ensure you care for you daily.


Clutter can mentally drain you, if you allow it to. Getting rid of and organizing your household items is cathartic. What you let go of physically will help you feel lighter and freer. Try this one weekend.

Call a Friend

As mothers, we can forget the lives once had before the little ones. Reconnect and catch up with people you haven’t spoken to in a while. It can help welcome laughs and memories of great times.

Buy Yourself Flowers

You know what you like. Buy yourself your favorite flowers and spoil yourself. Don’t wait for anyone else to do what you can. But this can also be applied to any item that you love.

Take a Long Bath or Shower

A few more minutes in the bath won’t hurt. Give yourself the gift of being alone for a while. Solitude is great, and while in the shower, even more relaxing.

Go to Bed Early

When was the last time you went to bed early or even on time? I bet it’s been a while. Try this for at least one night and see how amazing you feel. You won’t regret it.

For more practices you can implement, check out our list of 25 Self-Care ideas.

I hope you can incorporate at least a few of these in your routine.

While it may feel like you can’t add another thing to your schedule, I promise one or two of these practices will put you more at ease.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Brandi Simmons