Lyfestyle 180 is The Women's Fitness Boutique in the Plano, Dallas Area


Lyfestyle 180 is the fitness boutique studio in Plano, Texas for women.

In the following post, we will explain why we chose not to become a big gym like others surrounding us.

The Fitness industry continues to be on the rise. Global health clubs are an $80 billion industry.

Big gyms have dominated the industry for years. Smaller, inexpensive gyms have found a stable foot in the industry. But the Boutique Fitness is becoming the new way of Fitness.

Market Research reports that consumers (women) desire fitness education in an atmosphere of their own.

A place where they're motivated, feel confident and can let their guard down. A place where someone can educate them on health. However, there is not a viable place for them to meet with such an environment.

Instead, big gyms offer small areas for women and expensive personal training. This usually results in women doing only cardio. Then, there are small gyms that are inexpensive but offer no education. In a surplus of places to exercise, there is no increase in health overall.

Lyfestyle 180's boutique fitness studio is motivating for women. An environment where women can gain an education and relationships for a lifetime. Whether through self-care or wellness.

In this series, I will show you who we are and why we are the right gym for you!

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Can’t wait to see you at our sanctuary.

Brandi Simmons