How Exercise Can Make Your Skin (More) Gorgeous

The benefits of exercise on the human body (especially the female body) are numerous.

We could list them forever.

But today we'll share why working out is great for your skin.

Consistent exercise and a proper diet are huge for better health, overall. But adopting a healthy lifestyle also helps decrease the number of toxins your integumentary system takes in.

"But what is the integumentary system?" you might ask.

Well, to put it simply: This is your skin and it's appendages.

Any outward symptom you experience is usually signaling of an internal deficiency.

Yes, exercising can be an act of detoxifying.

So, in order to proactively combat toxins, creating healthy habits is a must. Eating for your body's nourishment is an act of self-care. And exercise is non-negotiable.

Here are four reasons why exercise is important for your skin's health:

  •  Exercise regulates your body's temperature.

  • It also increases circulation, which keeps skin cells full of nutrients, improving your skin's appearance and reduces wrinkles. It also moderates stress-related hormone levels that can cause acne.

  • Exercise creates more perspiration (sweat) which keeps pores flushed and unclogged when there 's plenty of hydration in the body to keep toxins moving out through the skin.

  • And lastly, what lady doesn't want beautiful hair, nails, and skin? With exercise and a diet rich in essential fatty acids, there is no stopping you. This starts the creation of healthy new cells, improving blood flow to the skin, and diminishing inflammation.

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Brandi Simmons