How I Overcame Depression and Became the Owner of a Fitness Boutique

My many stages of transformation — from pregnancy to becoming a trainer.

My many stages of transformation — from pregnancy to becoming a trainer.

I'm Brandi Simmons Owner/ Trainer of Lyfestyle 180 - "The sanctuary of self-care for women."

This is my story.

I've always loved the outdoors, lifting weights, and recreation sports, so it's easy to say that exercise

comes naturally for me. From swimming to flag football, I have enjoyed it all.

I began my career as a Personal Trainer in 2006, and in 2009 I became pregnant with my son (now 8 years-old).

Five months into my pregnancy, I had to stop my workouts. I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. Suddenly, the excess weight started packing on.

At my heaviest, I'd gotten to 216 pounds. I could barely recognize myself — as my regular weight is around 140.

After having my son, I was not happy with my body and I became depressed and very disconnected from exercise and my own self-care.

It became very difficult for me to find the balance I once had of eating right (and not-so-right) and exercising regularly. I couldn't seem to shed the pounds!

I was no longer confident in my ability as a trainer. I'd told myself that any other trainer would have been able to just shed the pounds easily. So I decided that Personal Training was probably not my career choice. With that, I began my search for a new "career" utilizing my Business Administration degree and past experience in the corporate world!

Needless to say, I was totally out of my lane!  God had bigger plans for me!!!

I didn't know it at the time but...

This allowed me to experience a similar journey that many women take-on every day when trying to lose weight and become healthy.

As I said before, I knew how to eat and my body burned it, but not so much after the pregnancy.

Psyching myself out and eating like I did before my son wasn't gonna work.

Having a C-Section didn't make it any easier. I mean my pull up game was a beast, and here I could barely do a push-up.  Stepping back into the gym was an uphill battle. I spent the first 3 months playing with my food choices and barely working out.

Then one day I decided to make some real changes.

The trainer in me decided that "baby weight" would only be baby weight for so long.

As a mother and woman, I decided that I wanted to live a long and healthy life, as well as get back to the outdoor activities I once loved.  

So for the next year and a half, I made a promise to myself:

I would become my healthiest and best self again. And I would make healthier decisions for myself and for my son.

My son and I in the early stages of my gym.

My son and I in the early stages of my gym.

This is my ultimate (WH)Y!

While this journey has been the most challenging of my life, it's been well worth it.

Reaching and surpassing the goals I set for myself, helped me realize my purpose.

Outside of taking care of myself, I'm committed to helping other women make their health and self-care, a TOP priority!

As women are strong and confident in caring for others, and in all we do. Why not utilize this same trait to honor and care for ourselves?

So, it is my duty to motivate and challenge women of the world to meet their fitness goals and become their best selves.

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Brandi Simmons