Why Ladies Love Our Women-Only Fitness Studio


As the owner of a fitness studio, I’m always humbled and grateful by my clients’ success stories.

It’s never expected or something I believe I’ll ever get used to.

Here at Lyfestyle 180, our mission is to be a pillar of motivation and support for women in Plano, surrounding communities, and worldwide.

I know that with each positive review and life changed, I’m fulfilling our mission.

But I also know there are many women who don’t know about us.

There are many women who don’t know they have the option to exercise at a women-only gym.

It’s like a secret world.

But a secret world I WANT TO REVEAL.

Because every lady should know AND have the option to join one of these thriving studios, if they choose to.

So, in effort to help expose this secret, I’m going to share what our clients’ have said about us.

In the reviews below, they share WHY the love working out at our facilities.

Michelle appreciates the intuition of the trainer and the comfort

Review from Michelle

Review from Michelle

Maillil enjoys the sanctuary feeling

Review from Maillil

Review from Maillil

Ambra loves the knowledgeable and personable staff

Review from Ambra

Review from Ambra

Richonda feels comfortable, encouraged, and challenged


And these are just a chosen few reviews from real women, just like you.

Some of which, at first, had no idea how comfortable they’d feel in a Women-only environment.

We’d love for you to be our next success story.

Still have questions or concerns?

No worries.

Feel free to reach out to us via email: info@lyfesyle180.com

Or you can try out our fitness studio and train with us for free.

Just click the link below to redeem.

Feel your best self with a free trial of our gym.

Brandi Simmons