Why Weightlifting is For Women, Too

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Weights are for women

don’t believe the lie

Hint: Weightlifting is a huge key to transformation. But we will explore this later.

Women have a history of breaking barriers.

Every day, women are learning to celebrate and recognize their strength, voice, importance, and relevance.

They are living life fearlessly. Yet and still, the thought of lifting weights sounds barbaric or just downright intimidating, for most.

Today, women have become more intrigued in weightlifting due to following their latest chosen fitness expert on social media. The inspiration that these ladies provide is invaluable, and we are seeing more and more women becoming fitness models, bodybuilders and etc.

That's why, I am so passionate about educating women on lifting the proper way and how it will sculpt their bodies, and reach the desired results.

The Key Benefits of Weightlifting for Women

Though the current trend is losing weight, we should actually be focusing on fat loss.

Replacing fat with muscle by weightlifting and burning fat during cardio is the way to go.

Weightlifting allows for the muscle to form its natural shape and tighten to sculpt your body.

Toning and looking good is one of the most sought out benefits of lifting weights.

Believe me, I love it too!

Building core strength and muscle in-turn increases bone and joint strength, for increased mobility with age.

Confidence will increase as your abilities in the weight room began to grow. Knowing that you are getting stronger with the increase of reps, sets, or weight.

A clear mind, and looking and feeling better are benefits experienced, and all result in increased self-love.

We often focus on different body parts but ignore the 7 systems of the body.

When weightlifting we activate all systems.

When our bodies are not ignored and are put to work often and consistently, all processes of the body are more effective, yielding better health.

With so many benefits it's difficult to understand why learning to lift weights isn't more of a priority.

Let me know your thoughts. Have you incorporated weightlifting into your routine?

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