The Truth About Why You Shouldn't Focus on Losing Belly Fat

Photo by  Gesina Kunkel  on  Unsplash

I have some good news and bad news.

The good news?

You’re one step closer to achieving your fitness goals. Yes, just by seeking out information, you’re already taking a bold step.

The bad news?

The media has lied to you.

The media has lied to us all.

Especially when it comes to nutrition, weight loss, and sculpting the perfect body.

If you have weight loss goals, chances are you’ve glanced in the mirror occasionally, and focused on your mid-section.

Besides our faces, it’s one of the first things we ladies look at.

And it’s not your fault.

If you turn on your television…

Watch movie…

Open a magazine…

Or even pickup your phone…

It’s there.

What is it?

Women with impossibly skinny bodies and flat stomachs.

Sometimes airbrushed and photoshopped and most certainly not there by accident.

The impossible body is a standard we ladies have been aware of since childhood and are likely still dealing with now.

But it’s not the woman in the commercial or movie’s fault either.

For our American society to be one of the most overweight countries (currently in the top 20), we sure focus a lot on women achieving flat stomachs.

No wonder we focus so much on our bellies.

It’s been engrained in us non-stop.

Occasionally, I have clients who don’t understand why their focus on belly fat doesn’t make a difference.

No matter how much they obsess over it, they never seem to achieve the impossible standard in their minds.

And it’s heartbreaking because they don’t know the truth.

Well, I want to stop this myth surrounding belly fat once and for all.

Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t focus on losing belly fat:

  1. Having a Flatter Stomach Doesn’t Equal Good Health: Look, I am not above wanting to look and feel your best. There is nothing wrong with that. But by all means, do not equate a flat stomach with healthy. There are people who eat like crap and still have slender physiques. Sometimes it comes down to genes and metabolism. Also, women with smaller waistlines are still susceptible to diabetes, heart disease, and a list of other ailments. Know that if you’re consistent, your results will eventually show up. Just please be healthy about the decisions you make.

  2. When You Lose Weight, Your Belly Fat Will Eventually Shrink: You cannot target belly fat. I repeat: You cannot target belly fat. I know you’ve been led to believe if you do enough crunches or core exercises, your belly will slim down. But that’s simply not true. The human body is not designed in this way. What is true, however, is your entire body will lose fat and that will include your belly. So, if you do your cardio and weight training, those pounds will begin flying off.

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  3. Uncover Your Why Behind it All: Why is losing the belly fat so important to you? Is it something you truly want? Or is it something you’ve been told to want by other people, the media, etc.? Discover why you want this so bad. Consider writing it down in a journal. It could be that you want to fit your favorite dress again. Or maybe you just want to start feeling like a rejuvenated young woman, again. Whatever your reason, discovering your why can be powerful and help drive you towards achieving even larger goals.

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