180 Lady Refined

Are you a woman who has lived your life saying, “I just have a hard time meeting new women outside of my personal or business circle?” or “I get along better with men than I do women?” This is just an illusion! Today, it is becoming more important than ever that we value each lady that we (meet) come in contact with. Let’s redefine what it means to be a lady. 180 Lady Refined.

Everyone has pretty much made a vision board that pertains to their goals and what they want to do in life. 180 Lady Refined is more than just focusing on your goals in life. 180 Lady Refined is all about building character while you are pursuing those goals. Here at Lyfestyle 180, not only do we focus on goals, we also focus on character and who we are as a lady. Come out and create a uniquely designed character vision board that is a reflection of you (reflects who we are).

180 Lady Refined is a women’s group where we not only focus on building our goals and our business. We are women who are focused on building character because we care about our mind, body and our soul. Come build your character vision board with us while networking with like-minded, solid women. Again, let’s redefine what it means to be a lady.

180 Lady Refined. 

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180 Lady Refined.